About Martin art

This is an art brand, focusing on creating painted art on innovative supports, transforming them into a new kind of canvas.


Actor Cristian Martin is also passionate of painting and he created a new concept, the “jewel-glasses”, which he embellishes with royal-looking miniature paintings, 22k gold foil, crystals and precious stones.

His creations are all completely original and bear the imprint of his artistic approach, the artist’s personal style and a very pleasant diversity. Cristian’s works are as much collectible pieces as they are perfectly fit for exquisite gifts one would look for to offer to that “special someone” or, simply, to own a unique piece of art.
The themes he works with are extremely diverse – some are very sophisticated and elegant, and some are entirely playful, so that all his pieces tell a story and share specific features. Some are an homage to the ‘feminine’ itself, and re-create a short history of the feminine costume. Other sets celebrate love and famous couples, or the art of tasting wine and so on.

The artist mainly uses black mass-coloured glasses for his work, which makes his creations genuine miniature paintings, with a particular preciousness and, at the same time, unique pieces of art.
Cristian’s glasses are painted with special transfer-resistant colours, and are made of quality glass. Thus, they can actually be used, being more than precious decorations.

The beauty and versatility of Martin Art creations make them fit for many occasions and types of locations – may it be a restaurant, lounge, a home or even a concept-office. They are sure to enrich the space and start conversations.