Martin Art by Cristi Martin at the Elite Prof Art Gallery


A few works by Martin Art by Cristi Martin are currently available for purchase at the gift shop of the Elite Prof Art Gallery in 13 Nanu Muscel Street, in Bucharest. The unique, hand painted glasses and platters can surely become collectible pieces or luxury gifts, suited for special occasions, as they are easily connected with the most special life moments. At the gift shop, you will find sets of champagne flutes and wine glasses, along with platters that will enrich any decor, may it be a home, an office or a restaurant or lounge.

And, if you will not find your desired piece in the shop, please contact the artist and place an order. It can even be a customized one.

All the pieces are hand painted by artist Cristi Martin in water resistant colors, so they can actually be used (in compliance with the maintenance rules), adding to their art value.