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Main categories

We use of top quality products for our designs. Choose from our categories or have a custom made piece.

Painted Glass

Glasses with attitude and a story, sometimes customized, embellished with precious elements and painted with water-resistant colours.

Painted Glass - Platters

The glass platters are delicate and versatile, offering the artist a perfect medium for painting collectible works.

Paintings on glass

Glass has always been the support of choice for the artist, as it is as challenging as it is friendly.

Painted wedding glasses

We bring a droplet of art and uniqueness to your special wedding moments. We create your one-of-a-kind glasses to share your love.

Painted - Vases & Lamps

Unique decorative elements, some painted on custom-made vases, based on the artist’s designs. All painted with water resistant colours.

Couture & Accessories

Haute couture pieces and fashion accessories become wearable one-of-a-kind art works that will steal the thunder no matter the occasion.

Ceramics and porcelain

A series of paintings on ceramic objects, porcelain plates and platters, tiles and other. All made with water resistant colors, all unique.

Canvas, silk, satin

Delicate materials need a delicate touch and a special technique, so that they come to life with a personal attitude. Or with a story.

Customised Miscellaneous

When you need premium luxury corporate or business gifts, the artist will create unique show-stopping art pieces.

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